Friendship Doberman's 

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GCh Friendship's Quest for the Dragon CGC

Sire: Ch Triadel's Day of the Dragon

Dam: Friendship's Asian Quest CGC

Jackson finished his Championship at Columbus Ohio Doberman Specialty Show.  He did this by winning 2 points Saturday and 5 points Sunday at 17 months old.  He finished his Grand Championship in one summer at the young age of 2 years old with 4 breed wins, 2 best of opposites and 4 select wins.  Taking a group 2 win at the Bushy Run Kennel Club.

VWD Clear, OFA Cardio Normal, OFA Eyes Normal, OFA Thyroid Normal, OFA Patellar Normal, OFA Full Dentition, OFA HIPS GOOD, DM CLEAR, No Dilution, PDK-4 One Copy Of Gene.                   

AKC DNA #V77598


Jackson at 12 weeks old
Jackson winning his first point at 11 months old!
Jackson at 6 months old
Winning a 5 point major!
Jackson winning 1 point 10/3/15
Jackson winning 1 point 10/4/15
Jackson winning 2 points at the Columbus Ohio Specialty Show.
Jackson at the Columbus Ohio Doberman Specialty show winning the 5 point major to finish his Championship!

Jackson winning his first best of breed at the WPKI show.
Jackson winning best of breed at the Morgantown show.
Jackson winning best of breed and went of to win group 2 at Bushy Run.
Jackson winning best of breed at the Beaver County Show.
Jackson winning his Grand Championship at the Butler Show.


Friendship's the Chosen One CGCA CGCU TKN TKI

VWD Carrier, OFA Cardio Normal, OFA Eyes Normal, OFA Hips FAIR, PDK-4 One Copy Of The Gene, DM CLEAR, Carries Dilution.